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photo gloss...canvas...vinyls...watercolor...16X20 inches to 5X16 ft
Prints for trade shows, corporate lobby displays, fine art and more. We can print directly from your digital files, or from conventional transparencies, negatives and flat art. Our digital color prints are vibrant, saturated and retain subtle details of the original that are easily lost in large scale reproductions produced by other methods. Prints are produced to within 1/16" of your exact size specifications, up to 59" X 192". We print on the finest available photograde papers and mount to Gatorfoam, Sintra, Acrylic and other standard substrates. For roll-up applications, ask about prints on polyester film laminated with 10 or 15 mil polyester for a display that rolls to a 10" tube, lays out flat and has no problem with tunneling. Ask us about specialty print media. In addition to photograde papers, we print directly to artist canvas, several types of vinyl, watercolor papers, fabrics and more. Image resolution required for the highest quality is 150 - 200ppi at final print size. See "Setup Guidelines" for more information regarding file preparation.
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