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Digital Backlit Transparencies

backlit film...backlit paper...clear vinyls...16X20 inches to 5X16 ft
Stunning backlit graphics that show off your corporate image in a dynamic way. Our method of digital printing and the materials we use result in image quality that has the look and "pop" appeal of duratrans, but with sharper text and vector graphics and shadow detail that more closely matches the original. These graphics can be produced to fit your application in a flat or roll-up form. For lightbox applications we produce backlit graphics face-mounted to an acrylic panel that installs neatly and offers a professional appearance, warp and wrinkle free. We print directly from your digital files, or from conventional transparencies, negatives and flat art. Because the image is indigital form when printed, we can cost effectively add additional text, logos and graphics to your image. Final prints are produced to within 1/16" of your exact size specifications up to 59" X 192". Backlit graphics can be paneled for larger image sizes. Image resolution required for the highest quality is 150 - 200ppi at final print size. See "setup Guidelines for more information regarding file preparation, accepted storage media and applications.
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